Rules and Regulations

Check in 12pm/ Check out 11am.

If you have not left by check out time, your property will be towed at your expense.

*****We require a PAPERWORK copy of up to date rabies vaccination papers for all animals that stay within the park. We do need the paperwork, tags alone are NOT sufficient. Failure to produce proper paperwork will result in a loss of the nonrefundable deposit and a cancellation of your reservation. Please see our Pet Policy under our rules and regulations for more info*****

Speed Limit

5PM IN THE PARK. This is STRICT and you will be asked to leave with NO REFUND if caught speeding. There are children at play and pets being walked. Keep our park safe for all.


NO Wood or Charcoal firepits/grills

Propane Grills and Fire Pits are allowed.


Quiet Hours 10pm-7am

Only use RV Toilet paper

No Washing/repairing vehicles in park

Pet Policy

We Require a paperwork copy of all up to date Rabies Vaccination paperwork for all dogs and cats that stay within the park. Your animal will not be allowed in the park without these documents on file. Failure to produce this paperwork before or on check in day will result in having your reservation cancelled without refund. If animal is too young or too old to be vaccinated, proper documentation to verify this will be required. This helps ensure the safety of not only the pets that currently live with us, but yours as well. NO ACCEPTIONS.

3 Dog Maximum

Pets are not allowed unattended outside of home and must always be on a leash.

Pick up all pet droppings and dispose of them in the dumpsters.

Complete Rules and Regulations

Kit Carson RV Park Rules and Regs 2023.pdf

For after hours assistance, please see posted instructions and office personnel phone numbers in the front office windows