Kit Carson RV Park

Summer time fun!

Many people come stay with us every year during our summer months. Some have been coming every summer for more than 20 consecutive years! Over the summer months our guests take part in various social events and gatherings, from morning donuts in our events tent Saturday mornings, to potlucks, karaoke, and a ladies luncheon. There is also our Chris Welch park next to the front office where guests can relax and help us pay respects to our previous owner, the late Chris Welch. Our guests can take the opportunity to slow down, relax, and enjoy the little things that can make a summer in your home away from home the best that it can be. 

Safety precautions 

Here at Kit Carson, we are dedicated to keeping our park safe for all  guests in our community, from families with young children, to our seniors looking for a summer get away.  We do this by enforcing our 5MPH speed limit, and enforcing a strict policies such as our crime free policy, pet vaccination and leash requirements. Safety first, then everyone can have a good time here.

Our RV Park is located just outside Flagstaff on Rte. 66 in a beautiful ponderosa pine forest.

Northern Arizona University

We are about a mile and a half from NAU North Campus, and about 2 miles away from NAU South Campus, perfect for parking your RV while helping your student with move in and move out week, visiting them during family weekend, or celebrating their graduation!

Historic Down town

We are about 2 and a half miles away from historic Down Town Flagstaff

Full of breweries, food, local businesses, live entertainment venues and more, historic down town is worth the  short drive.


We are close to grocery stores, a Home Depot, gas stations with propane fill stations, and banks for all of your travel needs.

Have a motorhome you don't wish to drive everywhere after you've parked? Uber and Lyft are available in Flagstaff as well.