Things to do in Flagstaff 

High Altitude Fun 

At an elevation of 7,000 Ft, our mountain town is a great central location where many popular destinations are just a daytrip away, and Flagstaff itself has a bountiful array of sites and activities. From our beautiful historic downtown, wide selection of local brewery's, to our hiking trails, Flagstaff has fun for everyone!

Dark Skies and good times! Flagstaff has policies to insure dark skies remain a resource to be enjoyed by the Flagstaff community and its visitors, minimize light pollution and Light Trespass across property lines, maintain an environment that the City’s astronomical industry depends upon, reduce energy consumption, minimize the potential disruption to nocturnal ecosystems, and to allow safe and efficient outdoor lighting. 

Lowell Observatory 

The Home of Pluto! Pluto was discovered at the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona, by astronomer Clyde W. Tombaugh on February 18, 1930.  They offer tours of their telescopes and facilities that will delight the astronomer and stargazers in your party!

Local Outdoor Highlights 

Lake Mary (Upper)

Upper Lake Mary is the largest of Flagstaff's twin lakes. This long, narrow reservoir is especially popular with power boaters and water skiers because there is no motor size limit on it. But it's also popular with those who prefer people-power or windpower over horsepower. You're liable to see everything from jet boats to rubber rafts, canoes and sailboats all sharing this same body of water. It's a popular fishing spot, too. The lake has Northern Pike, Channel Catfish, Black Crappie, Walleye, Yellow Perch, and Yellow Bass. - USDA

Lower Lake Mary

Sometimes it's a lake. Sometimes it's not. Lower Lake Mary, the smaller of Flagstaff's twin lakes, has a tendency to disappear during the long dry spells that periodically hit this area. When the lake has water in it, which actually is much of the time, its banks are usually lined with anglers trying to catch the trout which the Arizona Game and Fish Department stocks here. If it stays full for a year or two, it will pick up a population of northern pike and catfish.       - USDA

Buffalo Park

Buffalo Park consists of a main 2.2-mile loop trail that is flat, well-maintained and great for all levels of ability. You can take anything from a wheelchair, stroller, or bike, to walking multiple dogs on it. This park stretches north into the Ponderosa forests before rolling up into the Dry Lake Hills. Not only do you get to take in a perfect view of Mount Elden in all its glory, there’s also a unique view of Mt. Humphreys, Arizona's tallest peak. Buffalo Park is very much appreciated for the views, as much as it is for the wildlife, peace, and even nighttime stargazing and photography. This park has become very popular, well-loved, and utilized, but its guests have created a special feeling that keeps visitors and locals returning on regular basis. -

Flagstaff Farmers Market

Sunday Market 8am - Noon, May - October 2024 8-noon City Hall 211 W Aspen Ave Sorry, No Dogs Allowed 

Day Trips 

Grand Canyon South Rim

Approximately 1.5 hours away


Approximately 45 minutes away

Meteor Crater

Approximately 45 minutes away

Horseshoe Bend

Approximately 2 hours away